Our Mexican Field Trip 2005

Day 28: Laredo

Total Mileage: Approximately 10108 kms
Arrival: April 11, 2005 - 6:00 PM
Departure: April 12, 2005
Temperature High: 31 C

April 11, 9:13PM we are back in the USA after travelling a total of 6650 kms in Mexico. We stayed the night in Laredo and had an adjuster give us a quote on our van... $1300.00 US

April 12, 8:45PM and 10659KMS later, we reached Waco Texas and grabbed a hotel there. Does this town sounds familiar?

April 13, 6 PM we reached Wichita Kansas and grabbed a hotel there. The days are only getting as high as 22 Celcius and spring is in the air with alot of the plants just starting to bud. We had an opportunity to get together with Rob Lindsted for a brief visit. He is an evangelist and missionary to Burma, China, South America as well as Manitoba, Canada. He is also the principle of Sunrise Christian Academy. He found some time out of his busy schedual to give us a tour of the campus. There are approximately 800 students on site and there are plans for expansion.

April 14, 9 PM we reached Sioux City and grabbed a hotel there. We have travelled a total of 12099 Kms. We hope to make it home by tommorrow night.

April 15, 10:30pm we finally made it home after 30 days, 13112 KMS, and over 10,000 topes (speedbumps). If you ever plan on going to Mexico here is our rough budget:

Gas: $1200.00....our van was averaging about 12 liters per 100 kms
Hotels: $1250.00 (11 nights which included food charges as well)
Camping Fees: $390.00 (19 nights)
Hyway Tolls: $140.00 (There are free hyways but it would probably cost you as much in extra gas and many hours of extra travel time)
Ruins: $70.00 (at most of these the children were free)
Car Insurance: $280.00
Vehicle Importation Permit: $40.00

Total: $3370.00 Canadian. That is about .25 cents per kilometer. This does not include food, oil changes, vehicle repairs, tours or any merchandise you may buy.

We figured if we ever go to Mexico again we will trade our trailer in for a motorhome. It is a lot of travelling in tight corners. I think we logged about 100 hours in the van. While the fuel may be over twice the cost, you would save it in hotels and some camping fees, (Walmarts and truck stops are free to park). You would likely not eat at restaurants as much either if you have a fridge in the motorhome. We suggest if you ever plan on going, pick up a Spanish Speaking course you can listen to on the way down in your vehicle, and perhaps start learning the language as soon as you decide on going. It will help if you to learn to count, especially for when you purchase any items.

We thank our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ for safe travels and for all the wonders He has shown us, for everyone we met and for every oppertunity we had to witness the gospel in this land of wonders and ancient ruins. We thank you all for coming with us (virtually) and for making mention of us in your prayers. The Chartier's

San Luis Potosi Last Update : 4/14/2005 Mexico Trip Beginning

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