Our Mexican Field Trip 2005

Day 3: Brownsville

Mileage: Approximately 3100 kms
Arrival: March 17, 2005 - 11:30 PM
Departure: March 19, 2005

We arrived late Thursday night at Brownsville Texas after three full days of travel From Manitoba Canada. It is not a good idea to arrive at a new location in the dark. It makes it hard to find a campspot or a hotel. We drove too far and ended up right at the Mexican border crossing. Then looking for a place to crash for the night, we ended up at South Padre Island where we thought we had entered a time warp zone arriving at Sodom and Gommorrah. Without looking back we fled the Island as quick as possible never to return. Apparently it is spring break there and the youth are rising up to play. After another long hour of driving, we were lurred by the sign "Comfort Inn" and finally found a place to lay our head only to be awoken mid morning by several people using the hallway as a racing strip.

Here is a few pics we took along the way:

Texas Border at Denison.


Here is Boca Chica Beach. We drove the van right onto the beach and collected some shells and found a few Jellyfish. There were some kids swimming and a few fishermen. The fishermen would walk in up to their waist and cast out with a pickerel rig with a shrimp for bait. The guy I talked to said the 12 inch fish he was catching were great eating and it was easy to catch 30 in an afternoon. The temperature peaked out at 27 C today, and we realized that sunscreen is a must. There was quite a strong breeze today and you do not realize your are a little burnt until it is too late.



Back home in Manitoba, we found these two fossils that appear to be fossilized jellyfish. It appears that they have forgotten to evolve.

Maybe these jellyfish never did evolve, but rather, as the Bible says, In the beginning God created them after their kinds, and these are just the leftover remnants of those creatures that were buried in the sediments that precipitated out of the worldwide Flood as recorded in the book of Genesis.




Small Palm Tree.

Texas Flower.

Mexico Map Last Update : 3/19/2005 Tampico

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